Look Forward to Cold Days With a Heating Replacement

If your furnace, heat pump or boiler is aging, dysfunctional or broken down, your home is probably not the safe retreat you want during cold weather. All HVAC systems eventually have an end to their life, so maybe it’s just time for a replacement. If you feel that your system has died, we can help you make sure your home is warm again with our selection of quality systems and a professional installation.

Whatever system you have and whatever scenario you’re experiencing, Wilson Mechanical Heating & Cooling is here to make sure you get the most out of your next heating replacement.

We’ll handle your needs with the expertise and care they deserve.

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Is it Time? How to Tell You Need a Heating Replacement

Depending on the system you own, you might be experiencing different signs that you need a heating replacement:

  • Boilers – You might need a new boiler if yours is over 10-15 years old, it is springing leaks or you hear a lot of gurgling noises.

  • Furnaces – A furnace can last a little bit longer than a boiler or heat pump. A unit over about 15-20 years is a good candidate for a replacement.

Note: Many old furnaces and boilers have carbon monoxide issues, so it can be a safety hazard to leave one too long.

  • Heat Pump – A heat pump should be very energy efficient, so if it has been steadily increasing your energy bill and is over 10-15 years old, you might want to look into upgrading to a new one.

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All older systems will cause a rise in energy bills. And it is usually a pretty good sign that you need a replacement for all units if you have had frequent repairs lately. Short cycling, which means the unit is switching on and off frequently, is another common sign.