Find the Right HVAC Zoning Solution For Your Home

Controlling the temperature of individual areas of your home is majorly beneficial, and it’s also a fairly simple process when you work with Wilson Mechanical in the Greater Kansas City area. It’s a good idea for anyone with a forced air system, which most people own.

A zoning system works by using multiple thermostats to control individual dampers in your air ducts. The dampers close when the desired temperature for that room is reached.

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What HVAC Zoning Can Do For You

You can expect these three advantages to having a zoning system installed:

  • Lowered Energy Bills – With your heating and cooling not working as hard to bring each room up or down to the same temperature, it isn’t running as much. So you can balance the upfront costs with savings down the line.

  • Increased, Customized Comfort – Do you have someone in your home who likes it cooler or warmer than others? You can create different temperatures for different bedrooms or work or living spaces. You can also choose not to heat or cool rooms that are infrequently used. Do you really need constant temperature control in the spare room? You can always change your settings as the needs of your home change.

  • Gentler Usage of Your HVAC System – Less use of your HVAC system means less wear and tear. This helps it to last longer and experience fewer breakdowns.

Furthermore, if your home has high ceilings, large windows, a basement, an attic, multiple stories and/or a loft or sunroom, you will benefit even more from the added efficiency.

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